Sunday, December 21, 2008

Talent Show

The last night we were on our cruise, Weston participated in the talent show. He did a magic trick called "frozen fingers." He told the little boy he could freeze his fingers. Weston told the boy to twist his hands like a pretzel, and then Weston would point to a finger. The objective was to see if you could move the correct finger. It isn't as easy as it looks.

Ice cream

Weston's favorite part of the entire cruise was the ice cream machine. Can you imagine having an unlimited amount of ice cream, and whenever you want? In a single meal, Weston visited the ice cream machine 14 times!! Granted, only 8 of those bowls were actually for him. It's a good thing we walked quite a lot in Mexico, so we could balance our weight.

Formal Night

The second night of our cruise was formal night. We all dressed up, and got "beautified." For dinner lobster, fruit, and salad was served. Our server was very nice, and liked to tease Weston.

La Bufadora

In Mexico, our family went to a famous site called La Bufadora. Translated to English, that means The Blowhole. It was almost like seeing a geyser. The water shot so high, and if you stood too close, you could get soaked.

Flag football

Some of our family has a tradition to play football every Thanksgiving. This is a picture of the other team huddling to make a play. Weston let his fast-running skills be put to good use. Uncle Shawn was running to make a touch-down, and didn't think any one was even close. All of a sudden, he saw Weston coming out of no where, and was soon right behind him. As a result, Shawn ran as fast as he could and ended up pulling his hamstring. Weston was well reconized from then on.


Even though Landon is not quite a part of our family yet, he made sure to play with all the little kids. While the adults were cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the young children watched Landon play, and played his PSP.

Our family

This is a picture of all the family members that attended the reunion.